About GipsArt

DOO "GIPSART" is established in 01.02.2000. in Subotica, Serbia. Main activitys of our company are plasterboard and floor laminate facing by newest EU standards.

We are following the famous European companies like RIGIPS and KNAUF - we use only their materials. We are following the world trends, visiting fairs and introducing with all innovations in architecture materials of dry making.

Evidence of our success is our participate in works in Belgrade and Novi Sad (METRO Cash & Carry), Sanktpetersburg - Russia ("METRO" Cash & Carry I i II), Gyer - Hungary (Direction building of "Audi" car factory), direction building for tobacco industry in Senta (J.T.I.). We also worked for foundation (A.D.F.), for hotels, radio stations, etc.

Working in this projects we earn worth experience and develop complex technologies of dry architecture (sound, thermo and hydro isolation of all destinations).

Contact GipsArt

Tel/fax: +381 24 566-255

Mobile: +381 64 1567-100

Post address: Serbia, 24000 Subotica, Starina Novaka 7

E-mail: pripremagipsart@gmail.com

Skype: sanji.ru1

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